Personal Information
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NameDaniele Mazzeranghi
Date of BirthNovember 2, 1967
Place of ResidencePrato (Italy)
Civil StatusMarried, with one son
Level of EducationDegree in Computer Science,
University of Pisa (Italy),
110/110 with honors
Work Experience
January 2015

OPHYLS (Italy)Nutrition, sport and health.
Software consultancy.
Gathering scientific discoveries about nutrition, sport and disease.
Creating recipes for an alternative cooking.
Implementing the website.
Software development training and support.
June 1998

December 2014
Esaote (Italy)Production of medical diagnostic systems.
Development of healthcare software systems.
Technical leader in the development of software modules for ultrasound equipments (storing, displaying, reporting and exporting exams).
Teaching software development methodologies.
February 1996

June 1998
Cad.Lab (Italy)Development of a 3D CAD software product.Developing software modules for a 3D CAD software product.
March 1995

January 1996
National Research Council (Italy)Research in Computational Linguistics.Developing software for linguistic analysis.
December 1993

December 1994
Database Informatica (Italy)Development of expert systems.Developing software for linguistic analysis.
Standards and programming languagesC#, C++. XML, HTML5, CSS3. ASP.NET. DICOM.
Software designObject-oriented programming, Design patterns.
Design by Contract. Agile software development.
Software development tools.NET Framework, WPF, STL, Visual Studio.
SQL Server Compact. IIS.
NUnit. Source Safe, SVN.
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.
LifestyleRelationship among nutrition, sport and disease.
English language (CEFR)Listening: A2. Speaking: B2.
Reading: C2. Writing: C2.
SportsRunning, boxing, kickboxing, karate, soccer, tennis.
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